Völuspá (voluspo) wrote in tblsurvivors,

Tori + pause = assured classic.


"I hear that I am related to Tori and I have been searching for my family. My Mother was Princess Catherine, my father was Alberto Delarosa. I was kidnapped in 1985, following a horrific attack on Castle Rosemont that caused the death of my wonderful Mother. My Granmother, Marie Auguste, Titular Queen of Georgia, also died in the attacks. I was in captivity for 23 years and collectively unconscious for 13 years. I am searching for my family that loved me so well when I was a child. I need to tell them that my heart is broken without them. Tori's ears look like my cousin's, and one of mine, since they are different. If there is a way that she can be notified of my inquiry, please let her know that I love her music and that she is wonderful, regardless.
True Love is Eternal
Penelope Elizabeta Delarosa"

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