Banwar Jesticles (kankurette) wrote in tblsurvivors,
Banwar Jesticles

Night Of Hunters

I'm actually surprised no-one's posted about it yet - OK, it's not as mockworthy as ADP or The Beesleeper, but it's still not great. It's as overblown and pretentious as hell in some places, plus Tash sings on it and I did a double take when I heard her sing because she sounds a bit like Florence Welch. Tori looks undead in the Carry video. And from what I've heard of the album, I'm worried that the gig I'm going to next month in Manchester will be as bad as the Summer of Sin one. Hot venue + overlong and boring songs (I like The Beekeeper but 10 minutes plus? Really?) = unbearable.

Also, I was reading the entry for Tori on TV Tropes and someone commented on how different her voice is. I know voices change with age but when I hear songs like My Posse Can Do, I wonder how much she's putting it on. It's hard to describe but since Scarlet's Walk her voice has picked up some annoying traits, like, she pronounces every 'i' sound as 'ee' so 'I did not ask for this' becomes 'I deeeed not ask for theees', and she drags out the final word at the end of every song. On Code Red it sounds like 'stariiiiinnnnnnggggguuuuuuhhhhyeeeaaaah'. And then there was that recording of Silent All These Years that was posted here a while back which she was doing alone, in her bright orange wig, and draaaagging eeeeevery woooord oooout and pausing every five seconds. Maybe she was high, I dunno. It's the only plausible explanation.

'Aah got mheeey some beddah tings ter daaooow, uh-boy ya gimmuh da beehh.'

One of my mates reckons it's the surgery.

Also, is Midwinter Graces any good? I was so put off by AATS that I've not bought any of her stuff since. It's not the shittiest thing she's done, IMO, it just...didn't sound like her.
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