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TBL Survivors...

The cockroaches that lived through it.

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WE BEEKEEPIN' IT REAL! --fiercerose

This is the reincarnation of toribitchlist, which came to a screeching halt at around 5:18am on 7.15.05.

This community, just like TBL, is for people to bitch about ALMOST anything related to Tori Amos, her fans, other Tori communities, etc.

Anyone who makes a post regarding the deletion of TBL, or anyone "involved", (and is STILL bitching about it) will be warned ONCE and their post will be deleted. Second time: deleted post & banned. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. We have a post JUST for that right here.

We ALL KNOW what the problem was in TBL. That problem shall NEVER EVER be discussed here. WE WILL DELETE POSTS FOR THAT. If anyone doesn't know what we mean, contact us OUTSIDE of Livejournal.

Other rules:

-Don't fuck with the mods. However, the mods ARE here to actively moderate and are always available for help.
-Don't post anyone's pictures or work of any kind without their permission. Linking is okay; copyright violations are not.
-bitchy Tori icon posts are fine, behind an LJ-cut
-Rudeness deemed ridiculous or out of line will be dealt with as necessary.
-You may post entries as friends only, only if you desire to do so.


prada_boi and if you would like to contact me, my email address is shown above.
Moderators: sugarpuss, moonpetals

P.S. If you're just here to bitch about this community, why bother?

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